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ALMS Courseware Developer

- resources for hosting content on the ALMS -

ALMS Course Configuration Information:

+ Course Details Form
The Course Details Form captures pertinent information about courses to be hosted on the ALMS, to include, but not limited to, points of contact, start and end dates, exiting behavior, exam attempt limits, and expiration notification scheduling.

+ Letter of Instruction (LOI) Template
The letter of instruction functions as a READ ME file. It is presented as the first object the learner opens in a course. The LOI serves two main purposes - to provide the learner with details about the course (basic design and configuration, navigation instructions, known issues that were identified during testing) and to inform the learner of any actions necessary for successful completion (required elements, expected time to complete, where to find a certificate of completion).

+ ALMS Testing Process
High-level flowchart of the ALMS courseware testing and fielding process.

Content Standards:

+ TADLP Process for Developing Content
TADLP (The Army Distributed Learning Program) provides oversight of the distributed learning (DL) content process. This process includes program overview, governance, plans, and policy for DL and training/education support to enhance learning of agile Soldiers and Army civilians by exploiting current and new technologies.

+ Army Courseware Standards