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ALMS Training Coordinator Role


ALMS Training Coordinator:

  • Beneficial to Training Officers, Training NCOs, Section Leaders, etc.
  • Provides oversight of training activities based on unit's identification code (UIC)
  • Allows monitoring of training by UIC, including:
    • Verifying enrollments
    • Transcript entries
    • Authenticating learners
    • Ensuring resources and tasks are available when needed
    • Ensuring learner's records are updated
  • Is a "read-only" role

Training Coordinator Helpful Hints:

  • Click the link on the right side of this page to request Training Coordinator.  Provide your AKO logon name (@us.army.mil email name) and your full name.
  • The ALMS does not have any ATRRS clerks or access to ATRRS. Contact your unit's ATRRS representative if assistance is needed.
  • The ALMS receives UICs (and personnel information) through a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) transfer from AKO every time an individual logs in to the ALMS.
  • The ALMS is required to keep Soldiers records for perpetuity. The Soldier's last UIC they served in is what is recorded on the ALMS.  There is no interface between the ALMS and any of the Personnel Systems, thus the last recorded UIC. The ALMS has no way of knowing when a Soldier ETSes.
  • Use the full six-digit UIC when requesting reports.
  • The report to run for SSD (and ATRRS courses hosted on the ALMS) is the ALMS Training Requirements Report by Organization. The report to run for non-ATRRS courses hosted on the ALMS is the ALMS Consolidated Training Requirements by Organization.
  • There is no hierarchy of UICs in the ALMS. There is no ALMS report which "rolls up" to the Battalion or Brigade level.
  • The ALMS contains a small percentage of the Annual Mandatory Training.

ALMS Icons used by the Training Coordinator:

Search Magnifying Glass - If a data entry field has a "Magnify" icon, you can provide at least two (2) alphanumerics in the field to narrow the search.

Icon Picker Picker Icon - If a data entry field has a "Picker" icon, you MUST use the icon to select the data to be entered in that field. Clock on the picker icon next to the field name, select Search to display all items and select one of the options from the search result. Note: you can provide partial information in the field to narrow the search.