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Enterprise Management Center (EMC)

The EMC, located at Fort Eustis, VA, is the technology and communications focal point for the ATIS program.  The principle function of the EMC is to centralize management tasks required to maintain the ATIS Global Enterprise System. The functions include, but are not limited to:

  • 24/7 Helpdesk Operations
  • Enterprise Information Assurance and Security
  • Asset Tracking and Management of over 18,000 assets
  • Asset Tracking and Management of over 1,500 maintenance/warranty contract
  • Image Production & Deployment
  • Enterprise Application Forest Management for over 4,000+ workstations
  • System/ Network Monitoring, Management, and Performance Optimization
  • Remote Management of the ALMS Production and COOP Environment
  • Remote Management of 200+ Digital Training Facilities (DTF) at 85+ locations worldwide
  • Remote Management of 30 Deployed Digital Training Campus (DDTC) deployed worldwide

The EMC researches and integrates new technology.  Staff is tasked with ensuring that the benefits of new technology are leveraged when they become available.  At each technology refresh point, in the lifecycle of the program, evaluations are made of how well current and emerging requirements are being met and how the system can be improved.

The EMC implements applications, which enable the remote execution of account, fault, security, configuration, and performance management of the ATIS enterprise. ATIS can release virus updates and operating system updates, carry out bandwidth analysis, and give each student individual user IDs and passwords, all from an enterprise level, which allows us to enforce standardization across the facilities and takes the burden off the installation DOIMs.