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Welcome to the Army Training Information System!  
(formerly known as DLS)

Product Manager (PdM) Army Training Information System (ATIS) acquires, deploys and maintains a worldwide distributed learning system to ensure our nation's Soldiers receive critical training. The mission of PdM ATIS is to be the premiere, one-stop training solution for the Total Force.  This is being achieved by developing a new ATIS system that will serve as the program of record and will increase the quality of life for Soldiers and DA Civilians by providing a more stable and predictable lifestyle, reduces training costs for the Army and, directly impacts the Army's ability to meet its training mission. Unlike traditional methods of training that are costly, time consuming and require time away from family, our system provides Soldiers and DA Civilians numerous options to access Army training creating a relevant and ready Army.

The vision of PdM ATIS is to deliver a customer focused, worldwide, adaptive Army Training Enterprise Capability to enable training readiness for the Total Force, anytime, anywhere. We do this by being the infrastructure that delivers distributed learning and by breaking old training paradigms.

PdM ATIS also provides services that benefit the Army training community. Currently, these services include the Enterprise Management Center (EMC), which provides connectivity and technical support to users, Digital Training Facilities (DTFs), Mobile Digital Training Facilities (MDTFs) and the Deployed Digital Training Campus (DDTC). PdM ATIS also has three evolving services, Army Learning Management System (ALMS), Army e-Learning and Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS).

PdM ATIS is part of the U.S. Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS). PEO EIS is responsible for project management of Department of Defense and Army business and combat service support systems, as well as related Army communication and computer infrastructure.


To get started, click on the ALMS or the Army e-Learning logo to the right under Quick Access!

MR. TIM HALE       
Product Manager, ATIS

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